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POOL RULES are for your SAFETY Please review below! 


Swimmer Diapers:

If your child is not potty trained please make sure that you have swimmer diapers for them to wear. We have a limited supply of swimmer diapers at the concession stand in case you forgot. It is imperative that they wear the swimmer diapers at all time while in the water. If we do have an accident in the large and or baby pool we will have to shut down for 2 days before anyone will be allowed to swim. So PLEASE remember the swimmer diapers!!!


1: Children under the age of 10 may not attend the pool unless accompanied by a person at least 14 years of age. Parents who send children in the company of another do so at their own risk. Children, who misbehave, fail to obey the lifeguard, or break pool rules will not be allowed to attend the pool without being accompanied by an adult–18 years or older. 


2: The lifeguard and pool manager will have complete discretion to regulate and conduct the pool to insure the safety of all and to maintain a family atmosphere. Failure to obey the lifeguard or pool rules may result in immediate ejection from the pool.


3: Underage drinking of alcoholic beverages or possession of any controlled substance will result in immediate expulsion of the pool.


4: The last 10 minutes of each hour are considered “adult swim time” – reserved for those 16 and older. At this time the lifeguards will be selling concessions and checking the pool deck area.


5: The baby pool is for children 5 and under with supervision. Please do not allow older children to crowd the baby pool at adult swim.


6 :Lifeguard stands are for staff only. Please do not attempt to have lengthy conversations with lifeguard while they are on the stand – they need to focus on watching the pool.


7: No one is allowed on the swim team diving blocks. Diving is only permitted in the deep end.


8: Only 1 (one) person on the divings board at a time. No jumping from one board to the other. Also – no jumping from diving board until deep end area is clear of swimmers.


9: The following are not permitted at the pool: smoking, Vaping, profanity, littering, glass, running, fighting, horseplay, large floats, no balls under 4″ in diameter, bicycles, motorbikes, skateboards, roller blades, climbing on fences.


10  If Lifeguard hears thunder or sees lighting, all swimmers are to get out of the pool and stay out for 15-30 minutes from the last thunder heard.



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